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What I Read in May 2016 Part II . . .

What I Read in May 2016 Part II . . .

Wild StrawberriesWild Strawberries by Angela Thirkell--Historical Fiction/Romance

In the days between the wars life goes on as usual for Lady Emily and Mr. Leslie and their family. Their grandson Martin is fast becoming a man and will one day take over the estate, second son John is a quiet widower still mourning his late wife, much to his parents' sorrow; youngest son David is jolly and irrepressible as he figures out his path in life; their daughter Agnes is visiting with her brood for the summer as is Agnes' husband's niece Mary. As the summer goes on the Leslies and co. will form new relationships and rearrange old ones.

This is a pleasant, charming novel sure to delight fans of Jane Austen and D.E. Stevenson. I enjoyed the wit and subtle humor in the story. Mr. Holt, the toady, is cut from the same mold as Mr. Collins (Pride and Prejudice). He's so horrible, I almost feel sorry for him! I also found the Boulles too too funny. They're so annoying but make the story fun.

Lady Emily is such a dear, despite her vagueness. I found her very lovable and endearing. She is just so sweet. Her husband is so patient and calm but also absentminded in his own way. Agnes is even more absentminded than her mother at times. I found her sweet though a bit irritating since all her attention is focused on her babies. The nursery crew didn't appeal to me much. David is young and stupid. I didn't like him very much. He uses his charm and then acts innocent when he finds himself confronted with reality. John is a much better man. I found Martin a little irritating at times. How many times can he say "awfully" in one scene. If he realizes Uncle John is a better person than David at the moment, he'll turn out all right.

Mary is a bit of a Mary Sue but I liked her. I did not like how she spent so much time crushing on someone unworthy of her but she seems like a sensible girl for the most part. I suppose I can forgive her crush because it was bound to happen because he is very charming. I did not like Joan very much. I feel sorry for her because she acts all sophisticated and snobbish but she is really such an innocent.

I know I read this book once before but I have NO memory of it at all. I know many of my riends like the series. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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