Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What I Read in June 2015 Part VIII

What I Read in June 2015 Part VIII ...

Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy--Cozy mystery
Grace Under Pressure (A Manor House Mystery, #1) Grace Wheaton, the new assistant curator at Marshfield Manor was hired to bring in some new blood. She adores the mansion and all the antiques within. She deals calmly with a crisis in the tea room but the murder of her superior leaves her a bit stuck. By default, she should be in charge, but the old-time staff are resistant to change and feel Grace is meddling where she doesn't belong. The security staff, also new, are overworked so Grace decides to help them out and solve the mystery herself.

The plot moves waaayyy too slowly and there's too much extraneous information, side plots, etc . We didn't need random verbatim phone conversations, the side plot about her roommates and her backstory. Most of it was not relevant to the plot. I never guessed who the murderer was because it was so incredibly stupid. It took me a few days to read this book. It just didn't appeal to me. 

uel of Hearts by Diane Farr--Regency Romance

Duel of Hearts
Delilah Chadwick, spoiled only child of a baronet, is shocked and horrified to receive a letter from her father announcing his attentions of marrying. She's determined to stop the marriage at once, certain that her father's intended is some grasping harpy taking advantage of Papa's good nature. Lilah and her companion "Picky," take off for London at once but run into obstacles. There's only one traveling carriage available at the posting inn and it's spoken for. Adam Harleston, ninth Earl of Drakesley is making haste for London where his biddable cousin has engaged herself to some old lecher. He's determined to stop the marriage and marry his cousin himself as he has always intended to do. Lilah and Drake clash at every opportunity but they can't stop kissing.

Snooze. This story was soooo tedious. It took me days to read and I skimmed most of the kissing (making out) parts. I hated Drake. He's an arrogant bully for no good reason and he doesn't have a backstory. Why is he such a jerk? No idea. I wanted to hate Lilah too but I sympathized with her and probably would have acted the same way in her situation. I couldn't stand all the fighting and making out. That to me is not romantic. I found Papa and Eugenia's relationship much more appealing. Eugenia is the most likable character in the whole story. She knows her own mind and knows how to get what she wants. Sure she has to manipulate people to do it, but it's the only means available to her. She's practical and level headed - just the opposite of Lilah. I'd rather read a book about her.

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