Friday, July 25, 2014

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #4 (Part 2)

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #4 

Foreign Foods (Part 2)

The Challenge: Foreign Foods

The Recipe: German Pancakes No. 2
Note: makes 1 large pancake

The Date/Year and Region: The International Jewish Cookbook; 1919, New York

How Did You Make It: Exactly as the recipe says. I consulted a modern recipe to find out what a brisk oven meant. I heated the oven to 400 degrees initially and baked the pancake for a few minutes until the edges turned brown and pulled away from the pan. Then I reduced the heat to 350 and baked for about 20-25 more minutes until it didn't look wet. Just before removing from the oven, I stuck a plate in the stove to heat. When I took it out and removed from the pan, I sifted powdered sugar on top and added some sliced strawberries. 

Time to Complete: A few minutes to beat the eggs and mix the ingredients; 30 minutes baking time plus time to heat the skillet and oven.

Total Cost:
I had all the ingredients on hand at the time.

How Successful Was It?: 
Very! It tastes delicious, but a tiny bit salty so I would recommend reducing the amount of salt.  I've had Dutch pancakes at restaurants before and this one is similar but lighter. It was hard not to eat the whole thing myself. It got a thumbs up from the rest of the household but not rave reviews. I will definitely be making this one again, especially since I found the right pan later on.

How Accurate Is It?: Other than using a modern mixer and electric stove and oven, I substituted sweet strawberries for acidic lemons which I do not like at all! It made the pancake more of a dessert and that much more delicious. 

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