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Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #4

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #4 

Foreign Foods (Part 1)

The Challenge: Foreign Foods

By The First Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Ohio.
Dayton, Ohio: Oliver Crook, c1873

The Date/Year and Region: 1873, Ohio

How Did You Make It: 
I grated unsweetened chocolate and a bit of American Heritage Chocolate until I had about 2 T. While I was grating, I melted some sweet butter on the electric stove. Then added the flour, egg yolks, low fat milk (all I had on hand) and eggs. Then I realized I had added to many eggs to scrambled to add more of the other ingredients, which was probably a bigger mistake. Then I put it in the fridge to cool for half an hour. I beat the egg white until fluffy but couldn't get them stiff. I put the chocolate mixture back on the stove to warm it a bit and added the egg whites and sugar, buttered my mom's flan pan and poured it all in. The batter was lumpy and whisking didn't help. I didn't know what temperature to bake it at and a search for a modern recipe yielded nothing. I found a custard recipe that baked at 425 so I tried that. I baked for about an hour before removing from the oven. I refrigerated overnight and then tried to cook it again for about 40 more minutes the next day. The outside got crusty and the bottom stuck to the pan. The middle remained stubbornly wet but better than it was.

Time to Complete:

Total Cost:
I had all the ingredients on hand at the time.

How Successful Was It?: 
Not very successful. It didn't cook in the middle. After an hour, it finally puffed up but when I took it out of the oven it deflated. The middle was very soupy.  It tasted very eggy and not very sweet. I think my eggs cooked in the mixture on the stove. I should have used my heritage chocolate, but I don't have much left. My dad declared it was not the best thing I've made and no one has touched it since. It tastes much better with the raspberry sauce I made for challenge 2. 

How Accurate Is It?: (fess up to your modifications and make-dos here)
I used 1% milk and an electric oven. I also added more sugar and raspberry sauce.

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