Monday, November 25, 2013

What I Read This Weekend

What I Read This Weekend . . .

Regency Morning by Elizabeth Law -- Regency Romance

Laurie St. John is used to looking after her two younger sisters: the beautiful Dora and the dreamy Clarisse. When her Papa dies, leaving her cousin Tarquin to inherit, Laurie is none too happy about losing her home. Tarquin has been in America for several years and has no intentions of turning his young cousins out of their home. He doesn't need it for he has a home of his own and a considerable fortune. He decides to take the girls off to London for a Season where his mother will take charge of Laurie and Dora's presentations and Clarisse can get in some sightseeing. Clarisse wants nothing to do with London - she wants to become a nun. Laurie isn't happy about bowing to someone else's whims. In London, Aunt Marie is languid and cares little for her orphaned nieces. Laurie is determined that Dora shall marry Tarquin so at least one of them can stay in their home. When Laurie is accosted rudely in the park by a man wearing a ruby ring, she unwittingly stumbles into an old scandal of her aunt's. She's temporarily distracted by the social whirl and the flirtations of Tarquin's brother Simon and Simon's friend David. When her family is threatened, Laurie feels it's up to her to save the day. She little counts on Tarquin's high-handed, serious manner and especially not the way her heart beats when she's around him. This is a really silly and stupid book. I usually love the old Walker Regencies but I know why I skipped this one. There are some historical inaccuracies to begin with and the outcome of the plot doesn't make sense. I didn't like any of the characters except Clarisse because she at least is funny. Laurie makes some really stupid decisions. I would have probably made some of the same ones at that age but not when it came to something dangerous. I should have been able to relate to her but I found her annoying and dull. Dora is boring and so is Tarquin. Tarquin seems like a nice man, he just doesn't have much personality. He could use more of a sense of humor. The mystery interested me but ends up complicated, confusing and is resolved too quickly. The villains in the story get off too easily.

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