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What I Read in December Part III . . .

What I Read in December Part III . . .

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents (All the Wrong Questions, #2.5)File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents by Lemony Snicket-- Middle Grades Fiction

This is a book of short mysteries brought to Lemony Snicket while he stays in Stained By the Sea investigating his large case. Each mystery is a few pages long and the solution is in the back of the book. There are more conclusions than there are mysteries, complicating things in true Snicket fashion. Some of the mysteries were easy to figure out while others baffled me. They're geared towards middle schoolers and more simplistic than the larger cases Mr. Snicket has worked on. I liked the noir-style illustrations by Seth and all the literary references (most of which I couldn't figure out). If you want to know what young Snicket has been up to since he last reported in from Stained By the Sea, check out this book. I don't know yet if any of these mysteries are relevant to the larger case.

Shouldn't You Be in School? (All the Wrong Questions, #3)Shouldn't You Be in School? by Lemony Snicket-- Middle Grades Fiction

Young VFD apprentice Lemony Snicket is still in Stained By the Sea trying to solve the perplexing mystery of the villain known as Hangfire. The key might be in the library. Lemony Snicket doesn't know who to trust or who can help. When the local school burns down, the school children are transferred to the Wade Academy. Lemony Snicket is suspicious of the happenings there and is certain that the school is connected to the series of arsons and the overall mystery he has come to solve. His chaperone wants to give up and return to the city but Lemony and his associates refuse to give up.

This is the best book in the series so far. I simply couldn't put it down. The plot moves quickly and is full of mysteries. Not much is resolved but this series acts as a prequel to A Series of Unfortunate Events. Things from ASOUE are starting to make sense and we are learning how ASOUE came to be, I think. I need to read them all again to be sure. The story is full of literary references - most of which I can't figure out. The one thing I hate about Lemony Snicket's books is that the adults are all either villains or incompetent idiots. The children are interesting and intelligent. I especially like Moxie Mallahan and Pip and Squeak. Moxie lives up to her name and is a good example of girl power. Pip and Squeak love to read and I enjoy trying to figure out which books Lemony recommends to them.

If you haven't read ASOUE and you want to, start with this series. If you've read all the previous books in this world, you'll want to read this series too. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

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