Friday, May 1, 2015

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #24

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge #24: 


The Challenge: Snacks
Who doesn’t love a snack? Make something meant to be consumed in between meals, on the go, or late at night when you’re scrounging for munchies!

The Recipe: 

1955 U.S.
Don't know year -1970s or 80s maybe?

How Did You Make It:
Marshmallow Nutties
 I tried unsuccessfully to score a Graham Cracker in quarters but that proved nearly impossible so I took my fragments, popped half a marshmallow on top, added a few chocolate bits and zapped in the microwave for 20 seconds. I then added a peanut on top of the marshmallow and chocolate and topped with another piece of Graham Cracker.

Kix Mix
I took a more inspired by route for this one. I forgot to buy Kix so I used whatever I had on hand: 1 small bag of Honey Nut Cheerios, 1 small box of Crispix, 1 c. Quaker Oatmeal Squares and 1 c. Kashi Cinnamon Harvest shredded wheat squares. I replaced raisins with Craisins and tossed in about a cup of cut up marshmallows. Then I put honey and the pudding mix in a pan on the stove and proceeded with the directions. I managed to burn the pudding mix a bit so I hastily mixed in some peanut butter and raced to spread it over the cereal mix before it cooled. I put it in the fridge to cool for about an hour and then broke into smaller bits and pieces. 

Time to Complete:  1)20 seconds
                                         2) 30 minutes + cooling time

Total Cost: $10.56 + Graham Crackers, dark chocolate bits and cereal I had at home

How Successful Was It?: 1)Very successful - the sweet and salty combo is a good S'mores flavor. 
2)Because I had larger cereal than Kix, I didn't have enough mix to spread over the entire mixture and the peanut butter was cold and clumped. The flavor is Ok. The sweet and salty mix is an odd taste but surprisingly addicting. My dad said "That's tasty!" My mom said "Tastes OK."

How Accurate Is It?:  1)The recipe was 100% accurate aside from using the microwave
2) Inspired by more than accurate 

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