Sunday, October 2, 2016

Historical Food Fortnightly 2016 #18


Historical Food Fortnightly 2016  Challenge 11:

Let's Get Saucy!

The Challenge: 
Let’s Get Saucy! (August 26 - September 8) They can be the perfect addition to a delicious dish, the crowning glory, or stand on their own. Make your best sauce and show us how to use it!

The Recipe: 
Hot Chocolate Sauce 

The sauce must be made just before serving time as the ice cream is served the hot sauce is poured over which forms a sort of icing. Put four ounces of chocolate with a cup of sugar and a half cupful of milk in a sauce pan. Cook slowly until the chocolate and sugar are melted and then boil until it slightly hardens when dropped in cold water. Turn at once in a sauce boat and send to the table.

Macon Cook Book: A Collection of Recipes Tested Principally by  Benson-Cobb Chapter, Wesleyan College Alumnae, Macon, Georgia, Wesleyan College (Macon, Ga.). Alumnae, 1909.

Date and Region: 1909 southern U.S.

How did you make it: I melted a mini Hershey bar with sugar and milk in a saucepan. 

How Successful Was It?: Semi-successful. My sauce never really turned hard but it did become a fudge-like consistency. I was afraid to cook it longer for fear it would burn, so I removed it from the stove and poured hot over my ice cream. It still didn't get hard but it tasted good!

Time to Complete: 15 minutes or so?

Total Cost: I bought a bag of mini Hershey bars at Walgreens but I don't remember how much it cost.

How Accurate Is It?: Well, Hershey bars were around in 1909 but that wasn't the kind of chocolate the recipe called for, apparently. You can decide how accurate that makes it!

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