Thursday, April 25, 2013

In the Steps of Jane Austen

In the Steps of Jane Austen: Walking Tours of Austen's England

by Anne-Marie Edwards with photographs by Michael Edwards 


Each chapter of this book features directions for a walking tour of one of the places Jane Austen lived or visited. The author also provides some of the history of Jane Austen's life and tries to connect real life people to the characters in the books. I liked being able to visualize Jane Austen walking around the country or town depending on the location and seeing the sites on a more modern map. I also enjoyed the quotes from Jane Austen's letters that tied in to the travel information. I didn't like the way the author tried to assume that characters were based on real people. Because this book was published in 1991 and updated several years later, the directions may not be current, so if you use this guidebook, you'll want to make sure the directions are still correct. The walks do not seem feasible for the modern person so go prepared to stay awhile and break up the walks into shorter distances.


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