Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I've Read Recently

What I've Read Recently  . . .

Double Crossed by Ally Carter -- Young Adult Contemporary Fiction (e-novella)

This story is a merger of Ally Carter's two worlds. It's available for free as a Kindle book or e-book. Macey McHenry (from Gallagher Girls) is bored at a society function at a high rise in New York until she meets the mysterious young man who calls himself Hale. Hale (from Heist Society) is likewise bored at the party and is amused by Macey's attempts to figure him out. Then the teens notice that something is about to go terribly wrong and only they know it. When masked men take hostages and rob priceless jewels, Macey and Hall have to trust each other enough and use their skills to save the day without blowing Macey's cover or Hale's secret identity. This is a fun novella for those who love the Ally Carter's books. I love that both sets of characters finally get a chance to meet and team up. The story is full of action and witty dialogue. I love the meeting between Macey and Hale - both so aware of each other and unsure what to make of the other. I also loved seeing Macey take action and use her skills from the Gallagher Academy. It was realistic (or as realistic given the secret spy school storyline) for her to put her skills to use in a dangerous situation and the situation made sense in the real world, unlike Cammie's super secret terrorist organization plot. Macey is a more interesting and multi-dimensional character than Cammie and breathes fresh life into the story. Hale is as handsome and mysterious as ever. He clarifies his relationship with Kat, finally, which is nice. Kat even makes an appearance as a key player in the drama and even gets a surprising offer at the end. The one thing I didn't like about the story was the whodunnit. It was obvious that a certain person would be motivated to steal something but the elaborate scheme seemed a bit over the top and that the teens figured it out seemed a bit much. Even so, I am dying for the next Heist Society novel and this was a good filler. I can't wait to see what the teen thieves get up to this time. The e-book is a bit disappointing because it tells you the book is 166 pages when in actuality, the story is only about 94 pages and the rest is just chapters from previous books I've already read, but for free, I guess I can not complain.

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