Sunday, May 15, 2011

What I've Read This Week

What I've Read This Week  Part II. . .

Mistaken Kiss by Kathleen Baldwin -- Regency Romance

Willa Linnet has lived with her bachelor brother and his best friend for as long as she can remember. She's been educated in classical Greek philosophy and mathematics. She is able to work out any problem in her head and considers herself quite logical. When her brother finally realizes that she's now a woman, he balks at the expense and discomfort of giving her a Season in London. His best friend, Sir Daniel Braeburn, proposes a solution: he will marry Willa and they will all go on comfortably as they always have. Willa, however, does not find this solution very appealing. She longs for some excitement and romance in her life and she is certain that Sir Daniel is not the one who will provide her with what she wants. She decides that the only way to learn whether she would marry Sir Daniel or not is to kiss him. Willa heads out to the orchard where she believes she sees Sir Daniel resting. She removes her spectacles (she's very nearsighted) and begs for a kiss. The kiss ignites the passion she always knew she had in her, the only problem is, she discovers that her passionate kisser is not Sir Daniel at all! Alex Braeburn, mostly asleep, has a delicious dream in which a young lady demands he kiss her. He's happy to fulfill the lady's request but when he wakens, he finds it was not a dream and he has just kissed the rector's younger sister. Alex, being the black sheep of the family, is not considered a suitable companion for Willa, even if he wanted to marry her, which he doesn't. It's a good thing he'll be gone in the morning. Poor Willa completely lost her heart to the wrong man! She knows she can never marry Sir Daniel. When next Willa and Alex meet, she attempts to stop a prizefight between a neighboring farm lad and a London champion. Alex knows a fight is no place for a lady but Willa won't take no for an answer. Being just as determined as Willa, Alex attempts to stop her and is thanked for his efforts by being poked with an older lady's umbrella. The lady is the Countess de Alameda, or Willa's Aunt Honore. Aunt Honore takes a liking to the girl and sees how attracted Willa is to Alex. She offers Willa the chance to come to London and "hook" Alex (like a fish).  Willa wanst to have an adventure and to see Alex again so she reluctantly agrees. Aunt Honore does her best to push Willa at Alex and make the young man jealous. Willa become a big hit among the young gentlemen of the ton but Alex doesn't seem to be one of them. Alex admires the strong-minded young lady but he's determined to think he's not the right man for her. This is a very light, pleasant read. The plot is entirely comedy of manners with no villains or other adventures. Aunt Honore is totally crazy in this book but she doesn't provide as many laughs as in Cut From the Same Cloth. This book takes place before that one and after Lady Fiasco but can be each can be read as a stand-alone. I recommend this to those who like screwball comedy Regency romance style.

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