Friday, April 1, 2011

What I've Read This Week

What I've Read This Week Part 2 . . .

My Lady Faire by Emily Hendrickson -- Regency Romance

This book is the last of the series that follows the Herbert family. Claudia was married young to Lord Fairfax. He had little interest in her except as a mother to his young son. He was far more interested in his mistress in the next village than his lovely wife. Claudia remained a dutiful wife until her husband's untimely death and now she's determined to be a virtuous widow. She loved her step-son Edward as if he were her own. She entertains him with stories of the fairies she's seen in the garden and is determined that he will stay with her for a few more years before going off to school. Unfortunately for Claudia, Edward's co-guardian and neighbor Noel Clifford, Lord Hawke has other ideas. Noel is determined to send Edward off to Eaton ASAP so he can have the lovely widow all to himself. His intentions are honorable though it doesn't seem like to to Claudia. Claudia is infuriated and attracted to Hawke and it makes her angry that she is easy prey for his considerable charm. Even young Edward adores his guardian. The vicar also has an interest in Claudia which she attempts to thwart by pushing him on her friend Olivia, who actually is attracted to the vicar. Determined not to be alone with Hawke, she invites some friends to stay but Hawke has charming friends as well who see what Claudia doesn't.  Hake is one determined man and he never loses, but this is one battle he's not sure he can win. He's also torn between his love for Claudia and his duty to produce an heir. Claudia also claims she sees fairies. What of that? Will love rule the day? What will it take to win the lady's heart and convince her that they belong together? Claudia's story is pretty standard Regency fare. There's nothing much that's original about it, except Claudia's interest in fairies. Noel acts like a rake though he insists he isn't. He reminds me a lot of Rhett Butler. If you like that archetype then you will fall for Noel. I found him a bit sleezy and pushy. I admired Claudia's determination not to give in to Noel and I also admired her kindness and caring towards her step-son.  This book is more sensual than any of her previous books I've read but there's not more than a few passionate kisses and looks. The epilogue shares what happens to the various members of the Herbert family which isn't really necessary but nice if you've read the whole series. The book stands alone nicely even if you haven't read the other books. It has more depth and more emotion than some of her other books as well. For me, it was an OK read. It didn't wow me but I didn't hate it either.

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